your tribes "keep deal keeper"


he is a rare type of goblin, one that has not needed to scrounge for food or felt the pangs of hunger in a long time. while most goblins are scrawny and in a near-constant state malnutrition, trooth’el is healthy and even has quite a bit of paunch.


while part of a large scouting party to find new food sources, trooth’el and his group encountered a number of malicious humans who were hunting goblins for sport. trooth’el looted a glove off the body of a dying man who, with his last breaths, exclaimed dramatically, “alas! i promised to return her favor”. the pink satin glove was cursed to bring bad luck to those who break a promise to whomever owns the glove when the promise is made. the bad luck starts small, stubbed toes, snapped bowstrings and haunted dreams, but gradually evolves until eventually reaching a fatal degree. if the user is not intentionally breaking the agreement the gloves send a friendly “reminder”. now trooth’el is what passes for a merchant in a mercantile-challenged society. he knows at least as many languages as the chief, more than 3!


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