Goblins Just Wanna Have Fun

Just A Normal Day [1]

The players are roused...

in the middle of the night, the silence is broken by clumsy rooting and curious snuffling sounds coming from the hill where the tribes hoard has always been securely held. a bear, found gorging on meat and other goblin “delicacies” is immediately attacked by a brave, or possibly suicidal goblin. the roars of pain as her alchemical pots of fire ignite an enormous posterior wake the entire village. the ensuing battle takes many lives until finally, the bear reaches its limit. as it attempts to flee the surprisingly stalwart goblins, only a few dare to pursue it into the inky blackness of the woods. one particular and peculiar goblin, by sacrificing his trusted steed, manages to cling to the bears back as it flees. wielding a torch in one hand and clutching fur in the other, he manages to inflict several severe wounds until they reach the river. with a last ditch effort, he surrenders himself to the raging current and lands one final blow. the last thing he sees before being smashed upon rocks into a lack of consciousness is the bears still form as it follows him in the water.
the others, after healing their lunatic compatriots mount, chase after him as fast as they can crash through the brush. they reach the river where the clear signs of a rampaging bear end. following the river downstream they come upon the bested beast. still alive and breathing shallowly amid a tangle of branches and weeds on the shoreline, the last vestige of its life is torn away by the vengeful maw of the infuriated steed. a tracking party of fellow tribe members can be heard approaching from upstream as everyone takes a breath…


Brakeurleg Brakeurleg

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