The Tracker Formerly Known As Wun'Y

your tribes "find-kills meat"


deep scratches, grey with fresh scar tissue, can undoubtedly still feel the claws that dug in to create them. though the pain where his eye used to be is what continues to make the tracker wince and reach to the now-empty socket. a new eye patch, made from a piece of the slug Wun’Y is now calling Gloria, apparently feels “wriggle-like”. a reaction caused when a novice “mud-slap, dont itch” (goblin healer) put the patch on upside-down and then accidentally let the scabs graft itself to the patch. admittedly it is hard to tell the correct side of a slug eye patch, but this phenomena is what probably caused the bond between tracker and gastropod. while talented with dog-slicers, his real skills lie in a more stand-in-back-and-let-those-guys-fight-it style.


after years of successfully leading large hunting expeditions through the woods, the tracker formerly known as Wun’Y, had suddenly come across a force he could not fathom much less overcome. during a battle that cost him his left eye and possibly the lives of some of his most valued friends, he realized the simple meat-oriented world he had enjoyed up until now was completely and irreparably shattered. during his stint of unconsciousness, while the healers of the village frantically tried to reel the tracker back from the crevasse of death, he was plagued with overwhelming feelings of depression and futility. upon awaking, the first thing he felt was spine racking pain throughout his body. then a cold wetness at his fingertips that slowly enveloped the pain and extinguished it. as he opened his good eye, he came face to face with his new life-long companion Gloria. the emptiness he had felt in the dark recesses of his mind evaporated in the new sense of being he now shared. by the time a message arrived at the medical hut for him, he was already buttoning the last clasp in his armor

The Tracker Formerly Known As Wun'Y

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