Chief Crush'Ed

your tribes current, noble chief!


slightly taller than most, chief crush’ed has always been a goblin to be looked up to. while not as calloused from rigorous labor and activity, the many scars from assassination attempts tell the tale of a hard life in a constant struggle to stay top dog. he has lighter skin from being inside his hut most of the day and wears nearly-tailored clothes. known for preferring long-range weapons, few have seen the chief in hand-to-hand combat.


chief crush’edin has had the longest known rule of any goblin chief in your tribe, which admittedly is only known up to the past 20 years or so. his success is due mainly by the fact that he possesses a rock with the incredible ability to subjugate anyone bashed over the head with it. a power he discovered as a young goblin when the previous chief, a particularly large goblin by the name of brek’isnek, was attempting his yearly purge of the up-and-coming goblins that could threaten his rule. after being brained by the rock, the overly violent ex-chief became a docile idiot and the rock was instilled with its mystical powers. whether it was crush’eds determination or the old chiefs brain matter that imbued the rock is a matter of contention among story-tellers. brek’isnek now sits at crush’eds side as a reminder of his power and the change he represents. chief crush’ed has since held loftier goals than his predecessor. almost anyone is welcome to join the tribe on a trial basis and while peace and understanding is a main goal for the chief, he takes exceptional pride in the goblins that show true potential in what they do. an attribute that would have been ridiculed or eradicated in the past. his enemies are the enemies of each goblin he presides over. the chief spends most of his days inside his hut either listening to and solving his subjects’ problems or practicing on a well-used target dummy near the door. the latter of which is why you should never barge into his hut unannounced since errant missiles have been known to “accidentally” hit those in too much of a hurry.

Chief Crush'Ed

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