the previous chief of your tribe, oh the shame!


built like a rock and ugly as a rock…at least he is twice as smart as both of those symbolic rocks combined. occasionally he can mumble something childish and unintelligible, but mostly he just smiles and drools at you.


as ex-chief of your tribe he holds no power or even respect among goblins, but he doesnt seem to mind ever since his head was bashed in with a magic rock by the current chief. on his most lucid days he is little more than a mumbling idiot, and semi-useful lackey to the chief. before his fall years ago, brek’isnek was an exceptionally vicious goblin. one thing he would boast is that for as long as he ruled, the tribe would always have enough food. this was a true statement since he was strong enough to either snap the neck of an ornery bull or snap the necks of “rebellious” goblins until there was no longer a food shortage. there are many meanings you can take away from chief crush’ed keeping this once terrifying specimen of the goblin race by his side, but it would be in poor taste to ask dont you think?


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