viszer’el, home of the “deep-gut” goblin tribe. thats your tribe by the way.
goblins love meat and fire which are largely the driving forces behind your existence since you suck at being farmers and doctors and stuff. as a civilization you excel at hunting, scavenging and raiding. some “honorable” “professions” in a goblin tribe are things like chief food taster, fire maker, horse prison guard and any other fairly hilarious job a goblin tribe would need.
it is a double standard that you will eat anything and everything you think you can survive eating (including other humanoid races), though you have great superstitions about things that eat “foul-tasting-goblin-flesh” and tend to flee or otherwise avoid such creatures. you know, either through experience or detailed accounts, that writing physically takes words out of your head and so goblins do not have a written language and exile all who attempt such things. horses do freak goblins out more than most other animals, something about how fast they are, with such weird, skinny legs that have no meat on them past the knee joints.
an old goblin is one who has made it into their early thirties. very very rarely does a goblin live past that and if you do, it is by a divine, magical or demonic means. short life spans, an illiterate heritage and chaotic tribal system means that most of you are immature and generally stupid. not to say that you have to be that way, but most attempts to civilize goblins end with missing fingers and bit-off ears. for the most part goblins are cowards, but if attacked when you are in large numbers or cornered, you can be a terrifying and fearsome opponent. other races view you as a pest that cant quite be taken care of. crimes towards goblins are often ignored by city watches while crimes committed by goblins are almost always enforced as harshly as possible.

Goblins Just Wanna Have Fun

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